PINEY Display List of machines
Zhongshan Piney Display Products Co., Ltd. The machine is complete, is divided into three parts:
The first part of the carpentry workshop machinery;
The second part is an organic plant machinery;
The third part is the metal workshop machines;

Carpentry workshop machinery
♦MJ6225 Large open feeder model MJ6225 large feeder, designed for high-volume wood is expected to open, fast.

♦Huitong Huitong wood carving wood carving machine to buy a new engraving machine, designed for wood carving

♦Woodpecker Woodpecker carving engraving machine designed for wood carving.

♦Pai Pai rig rig a total of two, one of pluripotent row rig, one for MZB73213 row drilling. Specifically for wood drilling.
        Pluripotent row rig                              MZB73213 DRILLING

      ♦Manual sealing machine model F380B1 small manual sealing machine for small irregular planks Edge.

♦MFBJ-503K Automatic edge banding machine model MFBJ-503K automatic sealing machine for large quantities of wood Edge Rules.

       ♦MX5057 Woodworking engraving and milling machine model is MX5057 woodworking engraving and milling machine for wood engraving and milling.

♦HBX-2500X1150E Vacuum Forming Machine Application: The plastic material at high temperatures tightly on the board to make wood look wearable.

Organic plant machinery
♦BEIFANMUJI Organic workshop cutting machine model BEIFANMUJI the feeder, is expected to open specifically for acrylic.

♦BS-1490 Organic laser engraving machine Model BS-1490, a total organic laser engraving machine two, specifically for engraving acrylic materials.

♦MB503 Flat polishing machine designed for polishing flat organic.   ♦MJ134 Slot machines slot devoted to organic.

♦MX5115Ping Lou Lou machine dedicated to organic rounded, beveled. ♦Organic polishing machine dedicated to organic polishing.

Metal workshop machines
♦T3016 CNC punch designed for large-scale metal stamping.

♦Hardware designed for laser engraving machine engraving of metal plates.♦Metal milling machine designed for drilling metal plates, and milling.

♦Metal bending machine designed for bending sheet metal parts.

♦Metal presses designed for stamping metal plate.

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